Friday, 2 September 2011

Imran Siddiq

Inevitable – One word that could describe the eventuality that I would create a blog, not withstanding the encouragement to do so. What you will find here is a collection of thoughts, descriptions, artwork, stories and software language tips that I hope will inspire all of you.

Based in Leicester, I spend every plausible free moment to write, write, write and draw what comes in my head… and my head does contain a lot. Currently employed in the NHS with a LLB law Degree and a sound understanding of all thinks techy!

I distinctly recall a point when my Primary School teacher pointed out my talent at creating detailed stories. Of course that had nothing to do with me reading [clears throat] Lord of the Rings at the tender age of 9, although it does explain my unhidden excitement at seeing the movies – well done PJ. Star Wars was a big hitter on my psyche when I was a tiny lad, add onto that Transformers (oh the joy of getting up to watch the Generation One cartoon series)… ah bliss… Recent times have seen LOST become my clinical remedy for all things that are bad.

The Last Strider, my first novel is a merging of things I adored as a child and things I know not. The last 4 years and the future will always be a learning curve for me in terms of writing and whether I am published or not… I intend to continue writing. Damn, I am passionate about it.

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