Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Darren Bowker-Powis and R.W. Finlan


The written word has been a calling for me since I was very young.  It’s what I do.  After all, it’s in the blood. I come from a land of myth and legend. Us Welsh are story tellers and communicators.  It’s what we do.
My current work, developed and co-written with Richard Finlan, blends science fiction with Ufology and Welsh/Celtic folklore and history.  Richard comes from the same area and background as myself.  Our books are very much inpsired by the communities we grew up in, the magnificent surrounding landscape and the rich vein of history and mythology associated with them.

R.W. Finlan

I was born in 1950, near Newport in South Wales. I’m married to Josanne and have two daughters, Sinead and Kelly, and two grandsons, Iestyn and Ieuan.
Having had a varied career ranging from apprentice butcher, to chemical process technician, my most enjoyable working time was at the Pontypool Free Press, where I worked as Sports/Features editor for two years.
As well as The Kin Saga, I’ve co-written Weird Tales From Weird Wales and Waliens with friend, Darren Bowker-Powis and edited Time Is… Time Was… by the mysterious Bill Williams.

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