Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Raine Evans

The first ever story from the owner of Writers United

Darkness unknown

I head down a set of stairs from a room unknown to me. Where am I? I ask myself. Its dark and I am without a torch. Oh Lord, I’m scared. I stop on what appears to be the last step of the staircase. Again I ask myself. Where am I? I slowly step off the last step. Scared and tensed up. My limbs ache from being so tensed. I hear a noise. “Who’s there?” I call out surrounded only by darkness. I can’t see. It’s too dark. I use my hands to feel my way along a wall. Tears start to seep from my eyes. The panic has begun to set in. it’s so cold. If it were light I’d be able to see my breath. I come to what appears to be a door. I try to find the handle. Got it! I take a deep breath and push on the handle. It’s locked. I panic more. Wanting to give up, wanting to scream out for help. I can hear a clock. I head towards the ticking using my hands across the wall to guide me. I feel a breeze where I stand. I stop and feel where the breeze is coming from. It’s a window. I could climb out if I open it. It’s locked as well. “Help me!” I cry out. “Please this isn’t funny” tears filling my voice. My foot catches an object as I move away from the window. I pick the object up. It’s a brick. I go back to the window. Holding the brick tight I smash it against the window hoping it will break. No luck.
Again I hit the window.
Still nothing.
One last time I get the brick and thrust it at the window. It cracks. I’m getting somewhere.
Once more against the window. It breaks. Finally I can get out. I smash the rest of the glass out the window so I do not cut myself. There’s light outside I can see just a little. I turn around the room looks burnt out, mouldy and unclean. I turn back to the window and peer out. Not good. It’s an apartment block I’m about 20 stories high. A door in the apartment opens and ten men in white suits enter. “Thank god you’re here I’ve been trapped” they didn’t speak or look at me. “Excuse me” no answer “Am I invisible?” rage filling my voice from the ignorance of the men “will someone help me please?” I shout at them. No answer again. They talk amongst there selves. One calls out from upstairs “there’s a body up here” three men head towards the very staircase I walked down still oblivious to the fact that I am there. I follow them up the staircase. It occurred to me this must be a dream I’m going to wake up soon. I got to the top of the stairs. Blood rushes from my face. I feel helpless. I look at the body in horror. My eyes begin to fill up with tears.

 It’s me. I’m dead. It’s over.

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