Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Morgan Marshall

Hi! Yup, that’s me up there, Morgan Marshall. Nice to meetcha!

Professionally speaking I’ve been writing my whole life, starting with a series of stapler-bound books called “Lucille and Benji” when I was about five years old. Since then I’ve been published in my hometown newspaper, various anthologies and magazines, and slowly worked my way up to being a full-fledged novelist in my own right. Now my first professional-level series,  “Guts and Glory, Freedom Fighters of Nil”, is ready to introduce to you and your children, and I am so excited!

I graduated in 2006 with honors from UI&U with a BA in Film and am now a graduate student at UI&U, earning my MA in Writing and Literature with a focus on Childrens’ Literature. I am also a proud member of the Society of Childrens’ Book Writers and Illustrators.


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