Saturday, 13 August 2011

Frederick Lee Brooke

Max Vinyl is a computer recycling king in Waukegan, near Chicago. When his environmentalist girlfriend, Tris Berrymore, catches him dumping old computer junk ten miles out in Lake Michigan, Max gets a taste of her violent side. Even his ex-wife, Ginger, isn't going to save him this time.
Meanwhile two of Max Vinyl's brawny enforcers manage to provoke Annie Ogden, just back from four years fighting in Iraq -- bad idea! Going after these thugs draws Annie into the world of Max Vinyl's phony recycling operation as well.
With each passing day, the pounding Max Vinyl takes from Tris Berrymore, Annie Ogden, Ginger and others becomes more intense and relentless. This wild and hilarious ride with a trio of strong, intelligent women bent on satisfaction and revenge is guaranteed to make you laugh till you cry.

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