Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Marie Crist

Marie Crist currently resides in Tennessee with her husband and her children. She is a stay-at-home mom who is currently developing the next in the series of books that will fall under The Citizen Chronicles brand. When not writing, she loves to take part in adrenaline-boosting activities such as rock climbing, cliff diving, and skiing.

Citizen Out (The Citizen Chronicles)

A man patiently watches a group of young girls walk home from school, waiting for the perfect moment to take the one child he has designated as his next victim. Once in his clutches, she will endure acts of violence and horror that such a young girl should never have to experience. However, what this predator does not know is that he, too, is being stalked. There is someone in the shadows a trained Citizen who is ready to make sure that the child under his assigned protection is never harmed. One pedophile, one abuser, one killer at a time this Citizen and others like him will take a stand against those who prey on the weak and the innocent.


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